Suara “Brexit Wins” Unggul Sementara

Suara “Brexit Wins” Unggul Sementara

PT Equityworld Futures – Live Count Referendum Brexit: Hasil penghitungan di 346 dari 382 lokasi (90% suara masuk) tunjukkan Remain 48.2%, Leave 51.8%.

Suara “Leave” Unggul Sementara, Saat berita ini ditulis, suara “Leave” sudah mencapai hampir 52 persen sedangkan suara “Remain” mulai menyusut menjadi 48 persen.

That’s democracy people! EU referendum results live: Brexit wins as Britain votes to leave European Union

Perhitungan suara dari wilayah Irlandia Utara tampak sama sekali belum masuk saat perbaruan perhitungan yang dipantau dari Daily Mail.

Perubahan yang dramatis itu menggulingkan Poundsterling hingga ke posisi 1.4297 pers Dolar AS, bahkan terus menurun menembus ke bawah level 1.39.

Padahal sebelumnya, GBP/USD terus betengger di puncak 1.5033, yang menjadi level tertinggi di tahun 2016 ini.

Terhadap Yen, Poundsterling bertekuk lutut dengan GBP/JPY yang merosot dari level tinggi awal 160.14 menjadi 152.93.

Sedangkan EUR/GBP meroket menuju level 0.7918 dari posisi sebelumnya yang hanya di bawah level 0.76.

Tumbuhnya minat terhadap Brexit memcu permintaan pada safe-haven yen. Yen pun melambung mengungguli Dolar AS dan Euro.

Dolar Jeblok hinga menyentuh level 101.800 per Yen melorot drastis dari level tinggi 106.785 yang sempat tercapai pada sesi perdagangan sebelumnya.

Sementara itu EUR/JPY terpelanting dari 122.00 menjadi 118.40.

“Pergerakan (pasar forex) ini sangat menggelisahkan”

“Dan menurut saya pasti sangat banyak order yang masuk hingga hasil akhir referendum Inggris diumumkan,” kata Robert Rennie, Ahli Strategi Mata Uang di Westpac Sydney yang dikutip oleh Reuters.



There has been a dramatic fall in the value of the pound as the strength of the UK’s vote to leave the EU emerged.

At one stage it hit $1.3305, a fall of more than 10%, and a low not seen since 1985.

Before the results started to come in, the pound had risen as high as $1.50, as traders bet on a Remain victory.

But following early strong Leave votes in north-east England it tumbled to $1.43 and then took another dive after 03:00 BST as Leave maintained its lead.

The move in sterling is the biggest one-day fall ever seen and London’ main share index, the FTSE 100, is expected to open sharply lower, with indications of a fall of around 7%.

Against the euro, the pound dropped 7% to around €1.2085.

Currency traders say these moves are more extreme than those seen during the financial crisis of 2008.

“Never seen anything like it. These are once-in-a-lifetime moves, bigger than Lehmans and Black Wednesday, and we haven’t even had the result yet,” said Joe Rundle, head of trading at ETX Capital.

“It’s worth noting that trading desks are not fully staffed and these are only the initial reactions,” he added.

“We’re waiting for the big money to crank into action over the coming days and even weeks, which will likely exert further downward pressure on sterling.”

EU Referendum Results

EU Referendum live page

Around midnight sterling had risen to $1.50 after leading Leave campaigner Nigel Farage said it looked as though Remain had “edged” the vote.

But those gains were short lived as the first results showed surprisingly strong votes to leave the EU.

As for shares, the markets are pointing to a 8% slump when the FTSE 100 opens on Friday.

In Tokyo the Nikkei 225 has fallen by more than 8% with the yen up 5% as investors piled into the Japanese currency which is seen as a safe-haven.

In commodities, the price of gold jumped nearly 7% to $1,348.27 an ounce.

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